MEMS (micro electromechanical systems) and NEMS (nanoelectromechanical systems) are the most famous interdisciplinary research fields requiring knowledge of variety of research areas such as biotechnologies and nanotechnologies as well as micro/nano fabrication tecniques. The MNIS lab is dedicated to the variety fields of interdisciplinary research bridging nanotechnology and biotechnology to real applications with expertise of electrochemical/biosensors, scanning probe microscopy, and nano-printing. On-going research topics are Carbon-MEMS based suspended carbon nanowire array type electrochemical sensors, biosensors, gas sensors, multi-functional electrochemical scanning probe microscope, electrochemical conductive material nano-printing, and nanofluidic devices integrated with nanoelectrodes for molecular diagnostics.


Lab member positions are available!

MNIS lab is looking for new lab members at the master's course, combined master's-doctoral course, and Ph.D. course. Any person from any academic background who is ambitious to investigate nature and develop a top-notch micro/nano devices with passion, courage, and curiosity is welcome to join as a new group member. For more admission information, please, visit UNIST admission page or contact  professor Shin.