Welcome to the MNIS (Micro / Nano Integrated Systems) lab!


The MNIS lab is dedicated to various interdisciplinary research fields bridging micro/nanofabrication with nanotechnology, biotechnology, and electrochemistry.


A brief introduction to the current research topics is as follows.

A more detailed research digest can be found in the ‘Research’ menu.


C-MEMS is an unconventional micro/nano carbon structure patterning process through pyrolysis of pre-patterned polymer structure at high temperature (600~900°C). Due to volume reduction (up to ~90%) during carbonization, carbon nanostructures can be simply batch-fabricated at wafer scale.

We are developing fabrication methods for mixed-scale 3D carbon devices and packaging technologies.


Environmental Sensors

For environmental monitoring, safety, and process control, multiplex environmental sensors need to be networked,

Our lab is developing various high-performance (e.g., small size, high sensitivity, ultralow power consumption, fast response) environmental sensors such as gas/humidity/heavy metal sensors.



We are developing various biosensors such as non-enzymatic glucose (NEG) sensors and field effect transistor (FET) based biosensors.

The recent research scope includes a combination of these biosensors with a flexible patch for wearable devices.



MNIS lab is looking for new lab members for the master’s course, combined master’s-doctoral course, and Ph.D. course.


We welcome individuals from any academic background who are passionate, courageous, and curious about investigating nature and developing top-notch micro/nano devices.


For detailed admission information, please, visit the UNIST admission page or contact professor Shin.

UNIST admission page: https://adm-g.unist.ac.kr/

Professor Shin’s mail: hjshin@unist.ac.kr